Creative Space with Scott Burnett|| Jan, 25th 2016

We are excited to welcome back Scott Burnett to Coastland Commons' Creative Space. Scott is a painter, musician, and pastor. Tomorrow, Scott will help us discover how the creative process can open up fresh tools of perception and expression. These tools will aid our conversation with the book of Jonah, our year long orienting scripture.

Last time Scott was with us he led a group through a few drawing exercises. In one, individuals made single strokes on large butcher paper, then the participants were invited to respond to each other's strokes with their own. Here is one result: 

We hope you will join us tomorrow. We meet every other Monday, 7pm at a home in Ballard. If this is your first time and would like to join us please email and we will send you the address. To participate, you don't need to bring anything other than yourself or be anything other than human.

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