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"The Bible is not a book about God; it is a book about man.  God’s dream is not to be alone, to have mankind as a partner in the drama of continuous creation.  By whatever we do . . . we either advance or obstruct the drama of redemption; we either reduce or enhance the power of evil." - Abraham Joshua Heschel 

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The Map of the Trinity

I wonder what it is that gives someone the courage, or the will, to create.  I still don’t know.  As a pastor, I see it all the time.  A thing created.  As a mother, I see it too.  I have collections of things made.  To be honest, most days I try not to keep the things.  Another popsicle stick tower?  Thank you (I think).  A paper heart necklace?  Thank you, I’ll try to wear it (to bed).  I don’t like feeling this way about my trove of creations.  I wish I had the heart of an archivist to care for them infinitely.  But I try to pay more attention to the intent than the thing - it can help keep me honest. 

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Peace in a Dark Room

By the Christian year, we are in the stretch of Eastertide.  Here’s where we meet the resurrected Jesus - when he walked upon the earth as the one from beyond death. The disciples are in totally unfamiliar territory.  Days before, they were in Jerusalem with Jesus present.  And now he’s gone.  And they are scared, and locked up, like hostages.

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