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Every other Monday we will make space to encounter, reflect, create and share together through the story of Jonah. For more information on time and location, email us!


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Often when we come to a Scriptural text, we have the desire to resolve it. For some reason, we resist dissonance or doubt.  But Scripture often leads us into dissonance.  It leaves us with wondering rather than resolution. 

As Coastland Commons commits to the book of Jonah over the next year, we want to embrace the text fully, with all of its light and darkness. We want to explore the questions that it asks, the deep corners that it is bold to embrace. And alongside of this, we want to put our energy into noticing the ways that our own personal narratives are reflected in the story of Jonah. 

What if Scripture gave us permission to doubt rather than coerced us into faith? What if Scripture was a trusted friend who could be argued with, rather than an authoritative voice? What if we fell in love with the stories we read because they gave us a language for interior landscape of our lives?  

If you want to enter into a conversation like this, then please, write for our blog. Help us to see questions that we didn’t even know were there. Help us to know you more, the unique parts of your story that make you  - you. How does the story of Jonah illuminate your story? What lighting does it give?  Does it illuminate the shadows? What lines does it reveal that you couldn’t have seen on your own?  Where do you react to it?  And why? 

We are asking questions about Jonah. We are interested in how this particular story is going to speak to us. It will be textured and varied. It will raise more questions than it answers. It might offer some resolution, but it might not. If you can imagine your story through the lens of Jonah, what does that illuminate? Tell us about that. 

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We are working hard on several projects right now, and we're not quite sure for what that means for submissions. We want to see what you are working on and hear about what has been speaking to you. But we can't promise anything will happen with your work. We can promise that we will watch, listen to, or read (etc) whatever you send us. And we promise to respond. Beyond that, we can hope together for more in the future. Thank you!

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