Welcome to Coastland Commons: A creative, inclusive worshiping community in Seattle, WA

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Come to a Gathering


What We Do

We gather together once per month on the third Monday to share a meal and engage with spiritual practices through the creative process for the purpose of embodying faith. You are welcome as you are. You can subscribe to our email updates to learn more, and we hope that you will come share a meal with us!

Our monthly rhythm is: 

  • Second Monday: Leadership Meeting

  • Third Monday : Meal Gathering


Who We Are

Coastland Commons is a New Worshipping Community of the Presbyterian Church (USA). We are an LGBTQIA-affirming community, opposing racism in all its forms, and exploring the intersection of all human identities.

Coastland Commons seeks to participate in the local community through the sacred and creative work of God.

Coastland Commons gathers around the way of Jesus, believing that God moves in and through all of life, and works to make space for all to join together in table and worship.


We Made An Album

Back in 2015, musicians from our community wanted to make an album. We spent a bunch of time reading and considering the Emmaus Road story in Luke 24. We then tried to write songs from the places where our stories intersected with the Emmaus story. This album is the result. Five songwriters and ten musicians contributed to the album. But, it was not just the musicians who made this album. This album was written in the context of a community and the people of that community are also to thank for its creation.

If you'd like to hear more about the music of Coastland Commons, shoot us a note. We'd love to hear from you.

Listen to the album on Bandcamp


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