About Coastland Commons


Coastland Commons is an open community that has committed to living with Scripture texts through a creative lens in collaboration with the local church. Last year we sat with the Emmaus story from Luke 24 and developed a body of creative work. We are in the process of releasing a 12 song album written out of this experience. The album will be released in early 2016. This coming year we will live with the book of Jonah.

Coastland Commons meets biweekly to practice living creatively with scripture texts: People who attend offer new insights gained, share work they are creating, and offer input and collaboration when it is needed and welcome. These gatherings are open to anyone and you do not have to “work” to participate. For more info, email us.




Carly Delavan

Website Curator - email | website
Carly is committed to values of love, community, and creativity. Once in a while she does these things well. She is a therapist by training, a theologian by vocation, and an artist when she can move beyond her fear.

Dani Forbess

Dani is a Presbyterian pastor, wife to Doug, and mother of three beautiful human beings. As a child she was accused of having a vivid imagination, and she has been writing since 4th grade. She believes that every human being is an artist.


Megan Riber

Event Curator - email
Megan is a middle school secretary who is inspired daily by the people around her. She expresses her creativity best through baking and has a broad and mostly useless knowledge of all things 90's and pop culture.


Carl-Eric Tangen

website | email
Carl-Eric serves as Creative Arts Minister at Maple Park Church and is a writer and publicist at 58NORTH PR.


Kyle Turver

Project Director - email | website
Kyle is the worship director at Bethany Presbyterian Church. He is also a songwriter, philosopher, and heretical theologian.

Andrew Zellman

Treasurer - email
Andrew is a software engineer at Adobe. He likes sports, math, and all things geek and nerd.


Kristine Zellman

Event Curator - email
Kristine is a crafty and creative preschool teacher and vocalist. She loves the city of Seattle and supporting our Sounders and Seahawks.